2018, year ten

What a fabulous year this has been.  Weather was fabulous as ever with temperatures hitting high 30’s throughout July and August.

We had many returning guests who now feel more like family!  It’s so nice to see how the children grow over the years.

Guests this year from Australia, USA, Denmark, South Africa and our first ever family from Finland.

The producers of https://www.channel4.com/programmes/made-in-chelsea-croatia even decided to film on Hvar - excellent choice of location

Our replanting in the courtyard is finally beginning to look established.  Right now my wisteria is fabulous - it’s a pity we don’t have guests in April!

Over the winter Mick and I have completely repainted all the outsides of the cottages and done some repointing on the old walls.  We are looking very spruce!!

Our trip home this last winter included welcoming our third grandchild into the world.  I am in love all over again with little Luke.

We’re both looking forward to our eleventh season - scary!!!

2017, year nine

After the coldest winter in 50 years we then went on to have the hottest summer in 50 years.

During the winter we lost a lot of our well established plants including our beautiful bougainvillea in the central courtyard. However, that gave us the opportunity to make some changes and freshen up the greenery!

July and August were extremely hot and we hit 40+ regularly. Thanks goodness for the pool.

Our guests came from all over the world again this year and several return visits including our lovely family from Germany, Bjorn, Sandra, Louisa and Laura. They are becoming an institution! Guests also included several Babymooners and Honeymooners and 4 lovely kids from Chicago who want to come and live with us!

The heat during the summer took it's toll with forest fires breaking out not only on the mainland but also here on the islands. One in fact was within 150 metres of our back wall and was pretty scary at the time. Our thanks to the wonderful fire services and especially the Canadair planes which eventually swamped the flames with water picked up from the sea. It as an amazing site to see.

Family came to visit as always and it was lovely to greet our new little granddaughter for the first time.

One of the comments we have had from guests over the years is that wifi does not extend into the cottages because of the thickness of the walls. As a result we had what we called the 'wifi step' just outside our kitchen door. We have now installed a much more efficient system and wifi is clear as a bell throughout the whole complex.

Lots of works to be done on the main house this year and then off to UK for Christmas and catching up with family.

Thanks everyone for your support and see you next year.

2016, year eight

We started off slowly this year but eventually had our second best year ever!

Visitors seem to be changing how they plan their holidays and we found that many were island hopping, a few days here and there, and not opting for the traditional 1/2 week holiday.  

As in previous years we had visitors from all over the world, but a first this year for our lovely family from Brazil and Chase and Karen our little Japanese guests (along with their Mum and Dad of course!)

Mick's taxi and my cooking went down well as ever and one family offering to take me home with them as their personal chef!!

One of the hi lights for me was the caterpillar cake presented to me on my birthday by Louise and Laura, our very cute little German guests!

We are now making plans for return to UK for our Christmas break and the arrival of a new little grand daughter!

Thanks to all our guests who stayed with us this year and hope to see you again in the future!

2015, year seven

We go from strength to strength it seems with several return guests this year.  So great to see familiar faces!

Fabulous weather does help of course and the frozen towels were very popular as ever.

Our courtyard has become established now with a beautiful bougainvillea and a wisteria that I could never manage to grow in UK.  

More and more high quality restaurants are opening up not just in Hvar Town but in Stari Grad and Jelsa too and not forgetting our own Konobo Bogo here in Vrbanj.  The best steaks and pizza on the island!

Our guests have been fabulous as ever and a big thanks to everyone who visited The Quaich this year.

We would love to see you back sometime!


2014, year six

Entertainment from our Canadian guest

2014 has been the usual roller coaster!!

We’ve had several large family groups this year including three generations from Canada doing a tour of Europe, with their guitar playing grandfather and two lovely families from Norway.

When Mick and I originally started The Quaich Experience it was only going to be a five year project but here we are looking towards our seventh season and still enjoying every minute.

We’ve just returned from our latest road trip, this time to Corfu via Montenegro and Albania - a wonderful experience.  We are determined to see as much of this part of the world while we are on the doorstep.

This summer saw the birth of our beautiful granddaughter Willow so we are now looking forward to returning to Brighton even more this Christmas……………….

Thanks everyone and see you next year!!

2013, year five


More and more tourists are coming to Hvar and The Quaich is certainly benefiting.

We had our first wedding and it was very special for us to be a part of the celebration. Massages, strawberries and champagne by the pool were the perfect way for the bride and bridesmaids to start the day. A lovely group of young ladies from London also came to enjoy the sunshine and have their hen party lunch with us. The summer of 2013 continued with a proposal, several honeymoons and special birthdays.

The new shower rooms Mick completed this year were a great success and we continue to improve the accommodation each year.

It’s now time to shut down for the winter and we are assured by our neighbours that we are in for the coldest winter in decades.  Just as well the very hot summers make up for it!!!

Thanks to all our guests for making it another great year and see you next year!!

Chris and Mick 

2012, year four

Boka Bay, Montenegro

Boka Bay, Montenegro

The Quaich is now four years old and good word seems to be spreading - we had four returns and five referrals and with a wide selection of guests from Australia to Azerbaijan, we were kept pretty busy with 77% occupancy!

Mick and I continue to be amazed at the responses we get from guests and our twenty one positive reviews on Trip Advisor show that we are providing something special.

This summer saw us hosting a birthday party for 5 year old Arsene from Switzerland, a first year anniversary for our German couple who got engaged at The Quaich two years previously, several honeymoons and my favourite - Mick being thrown in the pool by a feisty French nine year old!!!

In July we had the hottest ten day period recorded in Croatian weather records with temperatures well into the 40’s - the frozen towels were very popular but not a good time for our ice maker to break down! By the end of the season we were both looking forward to our break and took off to Montenegro and Bosnia for a few days.  Wonderful scenery and very friendly people.

Back to work now however, before we have our Christmas break back in Brighton.  Mick has already stripped out the two remaining shower units in Tri and Jedan and we have plans to replace with open wet areas.

Thanks once again to all our guests, family and friends for their support.

See you next year!

2011, year three


The Quaich’s phenomenal success has continued into our third season and Mick and I continue to be amazed at the response we receive from guests.  We seem to have hit the mark in providing our particular form of hospitality.

This year we hosted a 50th birthday celebration for a lovely lady and her family from Whitley Bay and several honeymoons as well as a silver wedding celebration for a great Scottish couple.

However, there is a lot more competition on the island than when we started in 2008 and we must constantly look at improving ‘the experience’.

The Jeep Safaris were a huge success this year as where the sailing days we arranged.  The Safari enables guests to experience so much more of what Hvar has to offer - it is a beautiful island and this is your chance to see sites you would not normally find under your own steam.

This winter sees Mick and I doing the usual refurb to our cottages and also the lifting of the stone in the courtyard to be replaced by terracotta tiling - much easier to keep!!  We have also installed an outdoor shower for those verrrrrrrry hot, high summer days when all you want to do is laze by the pool!

Off home to UK for Christmas again soon to catch up with family and friends and then back for a new season.

You can read an article by our good friend Paul Bradbury on our Scottish Christmas dinner here.

Thanks so much to all our great guests this year and hope to see you again soon!

2010, second year in


Our second season at The Quaich has been just amazing - I didn’t think we could top last year but we have!  Once again we have had some wonderful guests ranging from a couple of crazy honeymooners from Hungary who were so full of energy that they would get up at the crack of dawn to hike to the most inaccessible beaches or the highest point on the island to a couple of very chilled out Geordies content to laze by the pool all day and just simply enjoy the ‘experience’.  We even had our first wedding proposal over a candle lit dinner.

Thanks to all our wonderful guests this year - we would love to see you again - you know where we are!

We’ve added some extras this year like the Jeep Safari and also boat hire.  Check out our activities page for more info and if you have any ideas for us then please let us know.

The response since we opened The Quaich has been phenomenal and as a result we have decided to let the main house next season in addition to the 3 cottages.  You will find details on the accommodation page.  The property is an old stone, 3 storey house which previously had not been lived in since the second world war.  Each floor is 42 square metres with the kitchen/utility/wc in the basement, living room above and master bedroom and ensuite bathroom on the top.

Mick and I are now off to Portugal for a bit of a break before we travel home to UK for Christmas then back to The Quaich in the spring.

See you then xx

2009, our first season

We’re now settling in for the Autumn and Winter but already turning our thoughts to 2010 and making further improvements to The Quaich Experience.

From your comments we know that the majority of our guests are looking for a place to relax and recharge from busy day-to-day living.  With this in mind we intend to continue with the ‘personal touch’ and make every effort to provide guests with all they need to help them chill...

Once again thank you so much and we hope to see you again soon!!