2016, year eight

We started off slowly this year but eventually had our second best year ever!

Visitors seem to be changing how they plan their holidays and we found that many were island hopping, a few days here and there, and not opting for the traditional 1/2 week holiday.  

As in previous years we had visitors from all over the world, but a first this year for our lovely family from Brazil and Chase and Karen our little Japanese guests (along with their Mum and Dad of course!)

Mick's taxi and my cooking went down well as ever and one family offering to take me home with them as their personal chef!!

One of the hi lights for me was the caterpillar cake presented to me on my birthday by Louise and Laura, our very cute little German guests!

We are now making plans for return to UK for our Christmas break and the arrival of a new little grand daughter!

Thanks to all our guests who stayed with us this year and hope to see you again in the future!