2017, year nine

After the coldest winter in 50 years we then went on to have the hottest summer in 50 years.

During the winter we lost a lot of our well established plants including our beautiful bougainvillea in the central courtyard. However, that gave us the opportunity to make some changes and freshen up the greenery!

July and August were extremely hot and we hit 40+ regularly. Thanks goodness for the pool.

Our guests came from all over the world again this year and several return visits including our lovely family from Germany, Bjorn, Sandra, Louisa and Laura. They are becoming an institution! Guests also included several Babymooners and Honeymooners and 4 lovely kids from Chicago who want to come and live with us!

The heat during the summer took it's toll with forest fires breaking out not only on the mainland but also here on the islands. One in fact was within 150 metres of our back wall and was pretty scary at the time. Our thanks to the wonderful fire services and especially the Canadair planes which eventually swamped the flames with water picked up from the sea. It as an amazing site to see.

Family came to visit as always and it was lovely to greet our new little granddaughter for the first time.

One of the comments we have had from guests over the years is that wifi does not extend into the cottages because of the thickness of the walls. As a result we had what we called the 'wifi step' just outside our kitchen door. We have now installed a much more efficient system and wifi is clear as a bell throughout the whole complex.

Lots of works to be done on the main house this year and then off to UK for Christmas and catching up with family.

Thanks everyone for your support and see you next year.