2018, year ten

What a fabulous year this has been.  Weather was fabulous as ever with temperatures hitting high 30’s throughout July and August.

We had many returning guests who now feel more like family!  It’s so nice to see how the children grow over the years.

Guests this year from Australia, USA, Denmark, South Africa and our first ever family from Finland.

The producers of https://www.channel4.com/programmes/made-in-chelsea-croatia even decided to film on Hvar - excellent choice of location

Our replanting in the courtyard is finally beginning to look established.  Right now my wisteria is fabulous - it’s a pity we don’t have guests in April!

Over the winter Mick and I have completely repainted all the outsides of the cottages and done some repointing on the old walls.  We are looking very spruce!!

Our trip home this last winter included welcoming our third grandchild into the world.  I am in love all over again with little Luke.

We’re both looking forward to our eleventh season - scary!!!